Libertarian VP nominee claims Hillary Clinton has ” High moral character,” on Rachel Maddow

By Reece Allington


Last night on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Libertarian Party VP candidate Bill Weld continued his acrimonious campaign against Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, while in the same breath proposing Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to have ” High moral character.” No, I am not making this up. Had this been any left leaning political pundit or candidate this kind of echo chamber protectionism rhetoric would be expected, but seeing as he has chosen to run on The Libertarian Party ticket I can’t help but question his true motives. Now, say what you will about Trump and his many character imperfections, but one would have to be visiting from the magical realm of Narnia to whole heartedly believe Weld’s statement. That, or he has completely sold out, which seems to have been the case for “former” establishment Rino Republican Governor of Massachusetts; Bill Weld.


This isn’t the first time the former Republican Governor has taken shots at the GOP frontrunner. In fact, it’s been the focal point of his entire campaign this election season, rarely if ever condeming any of the former Secretary’s actions, let alone her policies, which Libertarians are diametrically oppossed to on just about every issue. One can’t help but wonder if the long time friend and colleague of Mrs. Clinton was ever really in it to win it, intending on boosting the true Libertarian Party platform, or if he was just along for the ride to play spoiler.



Full MSNBC interview:   Weld On Trump: ‘I Fear For The Country’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


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