On Ethno-States: A Libertarian’s Perspective

OP By Tyler J. Thompson
Within the Alt-Right, and its many different sects, many entertain and promote the idea of an Ethno-State. This has been met with backlash from people all over the political spectrum and I have seen a lot of Libertarians speak against it. While some are adamantly for or against it, I am indifferent to the idea, I will explain my reasoning coming from a Libertarian/Hoppean Anarcho-Capitalist viewpoint.
The main pillar of Libertarianism is individual freedom which includes freedom of association, freedom of choice, free from coercion, and complete ownership of private property to do with as one pleases. As a result of these freedoms, individuals are able to choose who they associate with, where they live, and who they conduct business with. A property owner has the right to sell and rent to whom they please, and ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation are no exception to this. One might say an individual has the right to live wherever they please but that only applies if the property owner chooses to do business with them. Renting and buying property is voluntary and neither party is obligated to take part.
I will not dance around the fact that some individuals want the violent removal of other ethnicities from communities in order to achieve an Ethno-State. I am against this as it would violate the NAP. If an Ethno-State is achieved through peaceful means, such as the buying and renting of property, I would have no problem with it and neither should anyone else. Personally, I am not for an Ethno-State as I have friends of different ethnicities. I am also not against Ethno-States because I support individual freedom. To be against someone choosing where they live and who they live around is to be against freedom itself. Being against a property owner selling and renting to who they please is to be against private ownership and voluntary exchange. If you’re against any of that, I’d recommend you stop calling yourself a Libertarian. 

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