“Red Pill Fatigue”

OP By Reece J. Allington


Someone once told me that once you have fully “Red Pilled” there is no going back. No going back in time and reliving the magical wonder years of our youth, no matter how hard we try. No more carelessly ignoring the ever shifting sea of culture and politics as it swirls and morphs around us, and no more sitting idly by on the sidelines as the great game intensifies.

A sense of duty and obligation to what is right and just is then bestowed upon us to make a difference in this struggle, no matter how small that difference may be. Along with this great burden and self awakening comes “Red Pill Fatigue.” We have all felt it at one point or another, admittedly or not. Like a headache it can pound away in our skull, ricocheting our thoughts to and fro. Like insomnia it can drain us physically throughout the day, leaving us fatigued and jaded. Like the baddest of bad news it can put us on the verge of depression, “BlackPilling,” sending us into a nihilistic black hole from which there is no escape. It can be a lonely feeling, the lonliest on earth in fact. One of isolation away from loved ones, turning lifelong childhood friends against you. A just burden many are not willing to risk and understandably so. This is the lonliest and rarest of feelings one can imagine in our backwards, regressive modern world. One no amount of blue pills can or will undo.

In fact, we never look at life the same again. The very way in which we precieve the shifting world around us is forever changed into something completely unrecognizable. For me this has been one of the most difficult aspects of being politically conscious. For some, we try to recapture the magic of our childhood by throwing on our favorite 90’s movie or television shows if only to recapture a glimpse of nostalgia and happiness in the midst of the darkness and chaos of our dying and decaying world. I myself am guilty of this no doubt. Most of us are. But it isn’t contracting the pychological sickness of “Red Pill Fatigue” that makes or breaks a man or a woman. It’s how we deal with this feeling and sickness that determines our true character and how we can change this world for the better.

No matter how bad the odds seem to be in our enemies favor, we cannot let up, we cannot give in and we cannot capitulate. There is too much at stake in this struggle, and for that reason alone we must be stronger than our desires to quit. We can find solidarity in our struggles, comradery in our loneliness, and victory in our hard work, unity and perserverance. “Red Pill Fatigue” is a very real sickness, one that no medication or doctor can cure or treat. But there is a cure yet, and that cure comes from within. The cure to this sickness is perserverance, struggle and sheer will to fight on and to keep fighting when there is no fight left in you. They want nothing more than to demoralize us as a people, and make us quit and throw in the towel when all victory seems lost. To this I say our destinies are in ours and our hands alone.

Our future’s are ours for the taking and no standing army, insitutions created by man, nor politicans will be able to stop us from achieving our goals and fufilling our destiny. Find your strength from within. All you have to do is look hard enough and you won’t be disapointed.


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