Drunken Native woman assaults white man in latest racially driven hate crime. (Video)

By Reece Allington


Last month in Old Town Temecula California, a local biker by the name of Chris Guimond was assaulted by a female stranger who appeared to be heavily intoxicated. After making his way out of a local bar called “The Bank” to retrieve his belongings, he was accosted by a woman who had been heavily drinking that night. The local man was retrieving items from his brother’s car when a Native woman seemingly came from behind repeatedly grabbing at his gentiles unprovoked. In the video posted on youtube, the man being assaulted; (Chris Guimond) turns around and confronts the woman telling her to “Keep your fucking hands to yourself!” This only further provokes the already belligerent woman to escalate her attack, striking him multiple times in the head before relenting her assault. The racially driven attack in the video lasts around four whole minutes with passerbys doing nothing but enjoying the spectacle.

After asking the woman to keep her hands to herself, she then proceeds to push him repeatedly before launching an all out assault with clenched fists and all. Squaring up throwing multiple haymakers to his head, it is clear in the video footage shown she lands plenty of punches straight to the man’s face and chin. Avoiding retaliation at all costs, it’s clear he makes an effort to walk away towards his bike only to be grabbed and puched repeatedly before she finally relents. Speaking to Rebel Scum Media we asked Chris Guimond from his perspective to break down the series of events that led to the unprovoked assault.

RSM: “What were the series of events that led to the assault that took place that night?”

Chris Guimond: “So basically, I was at the bar with my brother and two buddies, getting my belongings out of the car and this random chick comes from behind me and smacks my ass and starts giggling. She reached between my legs and grabbed me so I was in shock to see that is was somebody I didn’t know to do something like that to me.”

RSM:”What did she say about race when she assaulted you?”

Chris Guimond: “She walked away saying “This is Native land white boy!” She kept yelling racial slurs, yelling “You’re white! You’re white!” So at the end I said, “Ya, I’m white, so what?”

RSM: “Why did you not retaliate in self defense?”

Chris Guimond: “Due to being a white male, biased laws favoring minorities, and women scared me away from defending myself.”

RSM: “Were you injured in the assault at all?”

Chris Guimond: “Yes I was, above my left eye.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 11.24.09 AM

Chris Guimond pictured above with gash above his left eye.

RSM:”Are you planning on pressing charges?”

Chris Guimond: “Idk yet, I’m undecided.”

RSM: “Do you feel this was a racially driven hate crime?”

Chris Guimond: “Yes, I absolutely do. She was clearly discriminating against me for being a white male.”

RSM: “What would you say to other white males who find themselves in these positions?”

Chris Guimond: “I would say to always keep your guard up and do your best to avoid situations that can land you in trouble. White males aren’t the most popular demographic in America right now.”

Chris is unsure as of now if he will follow through and press charges. He is just lucky he walked away with a minor injury and not permanent damage. This was yet another example of anti white racism that has been normalized in today’s Marxist enviroment.

In a world begging for “equal rights” under the guise of feminism, females have been emboldened in the modern age to assault men with little to no fear of retribution or lawful reprecutions for their actions. This in no little part due to the Marxist ideology and anti white racism that has been propagated throughout Universities around the West since the 60’s. Luckily for her she didn’t receive the equal rights she demanded.

Full video below:

Full Assault video.



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