OP by – Nick Dean Andrews

I was a successful urban school teacher and administrator for 11 years. For the past three, I was the Principal of Orleans Parish’s expulsion school, Crescent Leadership Academy. My performance led teams to see many students graduate, and often first generation. I worked with students who left incarceration settings with minds focused on self-improvement and skills to help them on their way. I reached out to increase community partnerships that connected kids with resources, facilitated the building of a sports team, and defended many students in court.

A stack of professional recognitions speak to my character and represent my dedication to kids that have fallen through the cold and hostile cracks of this American wasteland. We caught as many as we could. A self-promoting artist photographed me near a Confederate flag and social media posted me as a hate monger, racist, white supremacist. Three days later, a lazy journalist copied and pasted a false description of me from an Antifa YouTube video and published it in the local newspaper.

The video caption falsely stated I could “clearly be seen wearing” two Nazi SS rings. 200,000 views later, my career is in smoldering ruins. This strike is by far the hardest one I have ever eaten. My life was ransacked, bulldozed, and judged by 200,000 views about a single “Nazi” lie. Two weeks later I’m walking around in a daze, deeply scarred and burning with rage. “My work is not finished”, I whisper over and over. My work is not finished. They stole it from me. But for now I have to stop, step back and look at my shackled wrists.

My work with poverty, illiteracy, culture building, and restorative justice will have to wait for another season. Therefore, I turn my face in anger… To the hostile media, the fake news, whores of clickbait: Your rush to judgement has destroyed more lives than you can count. The total number of likes, shares, and views you lust for have destroyed a good and well-meaning life. You don’t look back to see the debris your tornado left in its wake.

To the leftist progressives – those limp-wristed day-dreamers with their egalitarian fantasies: You swallow red wine and pills in hopes of filling your loneliness with the progressive lies you’ve been sold. You choose lives of intoxication, self-gratification, pornography, and you disregard nature. Your gender confusion is anathema, your gods are selfies, your children are adopted pets and to you, Islam is a still a religion of peace.

And to the neo-cons on the right: You are the self-serving exploitive capitalists the communists say you are. You are the ones who exported our industries and left our cities with nothing but low wage jobs, private prisons, and a billion pounds of pharmaceuticals. Your god is the free market and you’d tear down a medieval cathedral and replace it with a strip mall if you could make a buck on it. You believe Jews are literally God’s chosen people and you are played like a fiddle in kind. You will say that was an anti-Semitic comment. I’ve been labeled Alt-Right. If that label is something they vaguely recognize as a threat, I will gladly accept it.

We are the counter culture. Liberalism defeated Monarchies, Communism, and Fascism, and now Liberalism is an unchecked tyrant, crushing anything that opposes her politically correct narrative.

In the world of clickbait, they call us racist. They seek to find the most simple and vile name calling rather than admit life is complex and nuanced. Through their relentless screeches and squeals of “white supremacy” and their strawman arguments, their prized product and brand is this century’s Scarlet Letter.

They are making outlaws out of many, for reasons I can only attribute to fear. They should be afraid – they are biting the hands that feed. They tell the world that we hate Blacks, Jews, Latinos, Muslims and women. We don’t. Yet in this very same breath they broadcast to the world their open hatred of whites. They say that “we”, the living, are responsible for slavery, “we”, the living, built Jim Crow and “we” are even responsible for Islamic terrorism, because we aren’t nice enough.

Their media tweets and posts and publishes a continuous stream of white race shaming. They perpetuate white guilt and doctor photographs to make certain violent criminals appear white. They have committed dozens of fake hate crimes and blame them on whites. They generalize and slander with the full support of Hollywood’s vast war chest. Turn it off people. They’re after your children and they seek to turn them against you.

They hate us for wanting to rebuild our nation, a nation they have sold out to the lowest bidder. They hate us for rejecting their filth and for dropping out to form our own tribes. Their atheism hates us for rebuilding our churches and for reconnecting with our God. They hate us because we reject their overpopulation myths and want to build large families of children that look like our grandparents. They hate us because we reject their pornography and fast food. They hate us because we will fight them before seeing our culture humiliated and our history removed. They hate us because we’ve recognized their plans for our genocide. They should be scared.


8 thoughts on “They

  1. Not sure how much of this is true. I was with you until I read “limp wristed lefties”.

    From a personal standpoint, and from the standpoint of a PR professional who is paid to clean up these kinds of messes, allies aren’t usually won by pointing fingers and flinging insults. And enemies don’t clean up PR messes like these.

    In any case, if this is true and you are indeed blameless, albeit bitter, may you find peace of mind soon. All the best!


  2. I truly understand your plight and hope the best for you. Idiots of society are ruling at this point and want to destroy anything that is good and wholesome.


  3. Sir, we don’t need any photos, staged or otherwise, to identify you as a bigot and a hate-monger. Your own words, i this post, are evidence enough of anti-Semitism, of Christian Dominionism, and, yes, of white supremacism.

    But the thing is, the photos weren’t staged. The video wasn’t staged or deceptively edited. You were a leading face of the movement to preserve monuments honoring the restoration of white supremacy in Louisiana after Reconstruction. You chose to wear symbols of the white-power and alt-right movements. You chose to repeat the eternal lie of the “coming race war” and “white genocide.”

    Kindly stop blaming other people for your destruction. You did it to yourself. And the non-white children of Orleans Parish are better off for it.


  4. Just a few questions, out of curiosity.
    Were you actually wearing Nazi SS rings?
    If yes, then why?
    If no, then what were they and can you show us?


  5. Someone posted a video of him in full Based Stickman gear, at a gathering of alt-right guys gearing up for a confrontation at the Robert E Lee monument in New Orleans. He wasn’t just accidentally next to a Confederate flag, he was with a group of neo-Confederates protesting the removal of monuments to Confederates, monuments erected during the Jim Crow era. He wasn’t framed by “lazy journalists.”


  6. Just gonna leave this here…you deny it, but you were photographed and video taped… LIKE THIS…


  7. so glad madonia graves put this racist on blast and i saw the video of you being happy to represent your nazi pride so enjoy the shame you deserve HAHA i heard how scared shitless you was when you was confronted at the monuments you are a extreme coward mangina and you deserve everything that happens to you if you reading this don’t believe what he said he’s a pure lier do your research.


  8. What a nut job! Like your goofy ignorant snowflake of a “president”, you would wet your bloomers if you had to actually come up against a liberal/progressive in either a battle of wits or muscle. Call us what you want, but truth and integrity our on our side.


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